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Uni-com UAC-02RS2


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I connected the Unistream HMI Panel USP-104-B10 with
Uni-com module UAC-02RS2. (2xRS232)
However, the power LED on UAC-02RS2  does not light up or blink.
It's a hardware bug, or I'm doing something wrong.

I use the software Unilogic  version  1.21.51 .
TX RX communication works well on this module.

Does anyone know, how to help me?


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We in the project used 
1x UAC-01RS2
2x UAC-02RS2
3x USP-104B10 with 3x USC-P-B10
BUS connectors are well connected.
All modules work correctly, including COM modules.
Data Tx and Rx  in com modules also work.
The only error is that, the power LED on the COM modules does not lighting.
The power LEDs on the I / O modules light up well.

Best regards.


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Hello Pista,

Thank you for your reply!

 I would like to note you that our R&D team are checking this issue. I got a report that you can keep working as normal without the PWR LED indication til the fix.

To keep updated regarding this issue please send us an email to support@unitronics.com with your contact details, PLC type include the SN of the controller.

If you need anything else do not hesitate and contact us through email, forum or a call.


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