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Bar Graph and Tank Ranges


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This is a common gripe.............

Why are we forced to select a FIXED color for the Bar Graph and TANK display elements? It is very natural on most other HMIs that you can select thresholds where the color of the device changes.

For instance .....

I may want to show water level in a TANK.

If the level drops below a certain point, I may wish for it to display Blue for "too low" when it drops below for example 10% full scale.

I may also wish to have it go RED if it gets above say 85% full scale.

This functionality is part of virtually all other HMI softwares that I can remember.

For an easy fix, why not just allow us to assign an operand for the color? This way we can pick from a color pallet and then just use some ladder code to handle the color change.

At the moment, the only way I see that you can achieve the same effect is by creating three identical elements, size and position them perfectly over each other, assign them each a different fixed color, and then create a bunch of code to hide the two or so that are not in the current operating range.

This really should be built in. The Bar Graph and TANK should have selectable color range just like the meter control.

If interested, I can send some screen shots of how other softwares handle it.


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Hi Damian,

A quite nice "workaround" - instead using "bar-graph", you can use the variable type "LED Graph". it supports exactly the functionality you wish! A little "bigger problem" can be tanks - you will need to "build" one - from tank picture and LED graph on it.

Please review and comment!

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