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UIS-WCB2_0 Analog Input


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Hi there,

I'm trying to hook up a Potentiometer to my PLC, I have a 24V power supply going through my potentiometer, I have hooked up a common ground to CM0 and I have put the signal wire to go to port 5 (I1V), I've measured my signal with a multi-meter and the potentiometer and the wiper correctly displays 0-24V on the multi-meter. However on my PLC it wont read any values under my analog input I/O

I have changed the inputs to the 0-10V option, I realize my 24V is a bit stronger... is that the issue?
Will take any tips as I'm not the strongest in electrical

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Analog inputs  0-10V  have a MAXIMUM  voltage  of about  12 volts for the input. Above that may damage the analog input circuit.

You have to  use a voltage divider network to limit the maximum voltage of the pot to 10 Volts.

What is the value of the Pot?  That can affect he input impedance of the Analog input also.




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Thank you, I threw in a voltage divider and it worked.

Another question though, if I have the top rung of my outputs (02,03...0VO,+VO) as sinking am I able to have my bottom row (CM2, O0I...O1,0V,+V) as sourcing?

trying to set up a motor to go at a certain speed set by a pot with the PWM output

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