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Cannot delete data sampler


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I have a number of trends in a project that are not working and a number of data samplers that are not required. I though I would start by deleting the unwanted data samplers.
I cannot delete the unwanted data samplers. I get the following instructions:


You cannot delete this Data Sampler because it is used in the project. In order to delete it, you must first delete all instances where the Data sampler tags are used in the program

In the Data Tag Editor, right-click the Data Sampler Struct name and select "Find" to locate all instances where it is used. Delete all instances, or assign a different tag. Delete the Data Sampler.

I cannot find any instance of the Data sampler tags are used in the project. I have tried to assign a different tag and then delete.  Same error every time.

How do I kill off unwanted Data Samplers ?

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Thanks for your offer.

I persevered for long enough to find the data sampler structs referenced in the ladder code. My mistake was using the wrong approach to finding the data sampler structs. I had to search under Global variables. 

I also found what mistake in my ladder code was stopping my trends from starting ....

So I am all sorted now.


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