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Alarm snooze bit


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Does anyone know which bit is activated when the Snooze button on the Alarm Banner is pressed ?   I have some logic to operate an alarm annunciator (siren and light) that I would like to silence when the snooze button is used. So far I have had to work around this by giving the operator access to a separate alarm silence button on every screen.

Or alternatively is there a bit that is set when the onboard alarm tone is activated ?


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There is not system bit that is turn on when the user has selected the snooze alarm button on the banner and there is no direct way to mute alarm sounds when this button is pressed.


You'll need to create a logic to manually shut down the alarm sound. 

you may add a button on the HMI that the user can press after pressing the snooze button and add on the logic a timer.

You may add the timer on the HMI to let the user see how much time has pass or even to let him change the amount of time to mute the sound.



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