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Printing Documentation Problems


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I have problems printing program documentation.

The program editor print does not seem to handle paging of modules correctly.

Short modules are pretty reasonable but longer ones also get printed all on one page. 

This results in a scaled font of microscopic size which is unreadable.

I've tried all the combinations of fit size scale etc. without success.

Any tip on how to do a readable document?

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I think that Unitronics should put some real effort into this.

Good documentation is a major part of good programming.

Some control over boarders (top, bottom, left, right) and page numbers would help quite a bit.

Print all fails miserably from function to function.

Individualy printing each function does work better but takes great effort to get a readable result.

That said the screen capture does give a better result quicker than many other plc/panel programs.

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  • MVP 2023

I agree that ease and usability of printing is a must.  However, for a variety of reasons anything plc I want to print, I always send it out initially as a pdf, which I think is what Saragini is getting at to solve the issue.  Sometimes I forget to specify something in a multitude of options and end up with an entire program....but as a pdf it doesn't matter!

The pdf method is particularly true if I am copying structure but not details to another program, instead of using other sometimes more problematic methods.  I simply have the pdf open on one screen and my program on another.

As well, if you actually need to end up with a piece of paper, you can easily manipulate size and just print only the specific bit you need far more easily with the basis being a pdf.

cheers, Aus

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I quite agree on the PDF as absolutley the most usefull format, no argument there.

However my problem is that in many cases the resulting PDF is unreadable.

Failing on pagination for longer functions and on width for more complex ladder statements.

The is no title field nor any page numbering to pull it all together.

I would love to see some way to insert a formfeed in the code giving me a clear sectioning of functions.

The poster option doesn't really help all that much and results in something impossible to

 use in a binder notebook.

It may well be that Adobe is not helping much here but it actually can't change the source file.

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