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Version 9.2.0 Installation Information

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Interesting experience installing version 9.2.0 on Windows 7 64 bit

I have seen the instructions to turn off User Access Control before installing. I have never done this before and never had any problems with Visilogic or any other brand of software. The install went fine. But on my first attempt to open the software and view a program, I got run-time errors and got booted out of the software. I did a little reading on UAC settings and decided to make a change to the setting (turn it off). The computer requires a restart after making a UAC change, which I did. After turning off UAC, the software works perfectly. But then if I change the UAC settings to anything but OFF (there are 4 different choices), the software will not run at all, just more run-time errors. I considered installing the software in Virtual Machine XP Mode, which I have had to do with some of our ancient software. After pulling out a few more hairs, I went in and changed compatability mode to XP mode and now everything is good again (except for the missing hairs). I would rather not leave UAC off, but I'm not sure exactly what it does besides notify me about a program making changes to my computer.

I was previously using version 8.6.3 and had no problems running the software in Windows 7 and made no changes to the UAC before or after installing. Did Unitronics take a step backward? I submitted this hoping that someone might gain from this or have some input. Anyone?

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Dear Sir,

The UAC requires that you execute the installation using the "Run as Administrator" command. Microsoft introduced the UAC to provide users with more security.

We didn't heard such cases that UAC is not OFF and VisiLogic runs properly…unless a specific PC have administrator authorization.

I hope it helps!

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