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Masses of UTDs to XLS(X)


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Dear Forum,


I receive .UDT files from a datalogger. I am fairly new to the use of SD Card Suite. I use the program to read the UDT files using the Data Tables Editor (/ Viewer) and convert the files to .xls files.

My problem: I am yet to find a method to convert the masses of UDT files to excel files, so I can properly work with the data (from there on I will combine the .xls files and create the needed graphs). More information on the data: data is logged every 5 mins on and stored in a different UDT file each day. I receive the data of approx. 4 months at once. Is there a way to convert all files at once or to automate the process of converting file by file? When it comes to programming, I know a little C++, CMD and html, though I can read much more than I can write (lol). I am willing to learn other languages for the cause.


I hope someone can help me!


Thanks in advance,



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I think that there are a number of ways you could solve this.

One solution I can think of is to write the logging as excel in the first place.  This wouldn't take too much programming to change from the current method.

Another would be to keep the existing UDT file generation in place, but modify it to use the append function to also make a very large udt that has all your data in one hit.  This would then only be one conversion.  I haven't ever done this so don't know about size limits, and quickly looking couldn't find any info.  Someone else here may know.

I strongly suggest that you look at the help file in Visilogic, use Index to find SD, and then explore everything found.  You will likely be surprised at what is available that can help your situation.  The original programmer has gone down a certain path, but there are many others available.  They will all need work done at the plc end, though.



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Following on from another topic, I realised that there is an easy way.  I don't normally use it, so didn't know about it. 

SD Card Manager lets you convert all UDTs within a folder to Excel, and does both csv and xls(x) formats.

Also bear in mind the following post, which triggered my followup.  You might run into the same issues that have hopefully been resolved.  edit...appears they have been with Saragani's new offering.

cheers, Aus


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