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Communication with vision sensor IV-500 KEYENCE


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Hi Cheris, this might sound harsh, but the forum does not do your work for you.   I once said this in another post:

<<  The real art to programming plcs is to first break down your process to every single procedure you are going to need to achieve your desired result, and then arranging those procedures to achieve this result in the most efficient manner.  (You need to remember that in general plcs are very dumb and need to be told how to do everything.)  I do this using a spreadsheet owing to the ease of moving things around, but there are many other methods including whiteboards, depending on complexity.  (Some people end up with a correctly drawn flow chart once everything is finalised, but for me that isn't needed.)

Once you have done that, if there is a procedure needed that you are unfamiliar with, or haven't used before, you then go to your plc's list of things it can do and find the function/maths/compare etc that best matches what you need to achieve.  You then learn everything you can about the way it works, by consulting the help files, looking at examples and then physically doing a trial, using the plc, of something simple involving that procedure to ensure you are totally familiar with the way it works.  Eventually you can tie it all together into a fully functioning, simple as possible program that the little men, women and gender neutral people (we are very PC on this forum!) running around inside the plc are quite happy to do over and over and over again without getting tired.  >>


Members of the forum are very glad to help when you have a question regarding an issue/question/problem you discover when developing your own program using the above principles.  We all started from basics, using help files and experiments. 

cheers, Aus


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I've got control to work well with Ethernet IP. You need to make sure your CPU IP address is on the same subnet as the IV. Also make sure you check the Ethernet IP box in the IV Navigator.  I have attached a screenshot of the Scanner node info I use. If you would like the struct to import PM me and I can send you the exported struct file (it takes a lot of work to build this because the IV has so many objects 390 bytes)

As far as sending images and managing them with the Unistream, Tried and failed.  I ended up using FTP to send the images directly to our plant network from the IV. The downside to this was I had to get a static IP reservation on our plant network which IT does not like.  




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