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SSI - Serial Synchronous Interface


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Dear all!

Is there any possibility to use encoders with SSI - Serial Synchronous Interface  together with UniStream system?

The connection via SSI  is for absolut encoders very stable, fast and simple to use. And a unexpensive option for the rotary and linear position encoders.

I´m just missing the respective input modul in Your portfolio.

I intend to use the UniStream to control retrofited machinery - mecanical presses.

They are running up to 40 cycles per minute, by resolution of min. 360 degree I need to read in a fresh value at least every 4 ms.

Modbus or TCP/IP is not capable of this and is very rare to find encoders with this interface.

About CAN bus I´m not sure and I can not spent months for basic science and experiments.

Bitparallel is obsolete and expensive, and if the customer would discover it... they would laugh.

Any ideas / sugestions?

Thanks and regards



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  • MVP 2023

I'm servicing some mecanical preses with incremental encoder and PLC based CAM controller.
Only one problem with this type of machine - need to be hand operated to place in to "0" position when  power off in no "0" position.
Some machine with VFD make this homing with no problem in auto mode.
Maybe this solution is the cheapest with Unitronics OPLC.
By the way CANopen absolute encoder is the fastest solution with simple programming in Unitronics software.

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