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Keyboard Title and the $ sign for Numeric Box


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 Searching the help file, I was unable to find any information on the $ used in the title for numeric box, I did however find something here and it showed how to use the $.

"Current Box Count ($_title)"     so when you enter in a value to the numeric box the $_title uses the min and max values used even if they're variables, so it would look like this;

"Current Box Count (0 - 49)"  as 0 is my min value and 49 is my max value that is a variable.
I just wanted to say I've always wanted something like this in Visilogic, now that you have perfected it in UniLogic, can you add this great feature to Visilogic?



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The Numeric Box title can be switched automatically pending the displayed language. 

My numeric box is "Numeric Box21", you can see that my  default language is Spanish and the second is English.

When I will switch between languages that specific numeric box title will automatically switch between headlines titles languages.


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