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I've got an idea for pop-up screens that will look really neat, but whenever I try to copy a screen from Visilogic (ctrl-alt-print screen) to use as a background image on another screen, it gets the scaling wrong.

Two ideas:

1. How hard would it be to have a menu option in visilogic to export an HMI to an image file?

2. For a gold star, how hard to assign one screen to be the background image of another?

Mind you, the background screen is nothing - just an image, no functionality.



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Hi TM:

Here's how you can get the display as a background image:

-Open Remote Access (click the eye glasses and select Remote Access from the menu).

-Locate the display you want to make an image and press Alt+Print Screen.

-Paste the display in a paint program.

-Resize the image to your PLCs resolution. (for a V350 this is 320 x 240).

-Save image as a 256-color bmp.

-Create a new HMI display and add an image.

-fit the image to the size of the display.

-select the image file you created.

The display now has a background image with no functionality that you may place a pop-up window over top of.

Hopefully this helps.


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