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HMI screen without CPU

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I would like to ask you for help with the following problem.

I have an unistream 15.6 "USC-P-B10 unitronics HMI screen, which has a built-in PLC on the HMI screen, 
the problem is that when feeding with a 24VDC source, the screen turns on but stays attached as it is attached to the image.

Second, try to power the HMI screen without the PLC, and it throws an error that says: 
"CPU ERROR DETECTED" which gives two options to restart the screen or ignore. When ignoring, 
it leaves the screen stuck and when restarting, the same CPU error appears again.


PD: Download the latest version of UNILOGIC version 1.25.60


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I connect with PLC + HMI both powered with 24VDC, through the UNILOGIC program, the issue is that the screen looks like the previous image (the image is connected PLC + HMI with 24VDC, the problem is that you can not see nothing).

The problem is with I can not see anything from the HMI screen,

Any suggestions or help?

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Estimado Marcelo,
Hay varias cosas que pueden estar pasando:
    1.- La intensidad de la pantalla está en le mínimo y por eso no puedes ver nada.
    2.- Puede estar sin ninguna pantalla programada el PLC y tener descargada una pantalla inicial con fondo negro.
Lo primero que debes hacer es invocar el UNIAPPS. Presion y mantén presionada la esquina superior derecha de la pantalla hasta que se active el Uniapps.  Si eso funciona, busca la opción para verificar la intensidad de la pantalla. Colócala en un valor superior al 75%, generalmente eso es suficiente. Luego descarga algún ejemplo de los que Unitronics tiene disponibles, o descarga un programa nuevo con una pantalla con imágenes para verificar que todo está bien.

Dear Marcelo: There are several things that may be happening:
    1.- The intensity of the screen is at minimum and that's why you can not see anything.
    2.- The PLC can have no screen programmed and have an initial screen with a black background downloaded.
The first thing you should do is invoke the UNIAPPS. Press and hold the upper right corner of the screen until the Uniapps is activated. If that works, look for the option to check the intensity of the screen. Place it at a value greater than 75%, generally that is enough. Then download an example that Unitronics has available, or download a new program with a screen with images to verify that everything is fine.

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Hola, muchas gracias por tu ayuda si me sirvio realice la configuracion de intensidad de pantalla , ahora mi duda es de donde o como hago para descargar los ejemplos de unitronics para poder visualizar la pantalla HMI y verificar que este todo bien.




Hello, thank you very much for your help if it was useful for me to configure the intensity of the screen, now my question is where or how do I download the unitronics examples to be able to visualize the HMI screen and verify that everything is fine.

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