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new here but i have experience programming unitronics PLCs. 

A year ago i program one Vision 700 PLC for an oven. The program manage the oven and record temperatures. When the process ends. PLC send an email with the recordings.

After three months with daily use the PLC stop working correctly. The user cant change the variables throught HMI. When touch the Variable box in HMI to change it nothing happened. The touch screen worked fine and user can touch other HMI Buttons but not Variables. What i did was zero all the PLC operants to default. Then everything works fine.After some time of use the same problem happened. I am trying to find a solution. My thought is that this has to do with an SB or SI but not sure. The program seems ok with no compile errors. Waiting for help. 

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Why is unclear?Let me explain.When the oven program runs then some variable disables so user cant change their values.When this happens the variable box goes all gray and cant touched.When the problem occurs, the variable box is not gray (disable view) its normal but when you touch it the keypad to insert the new value does not appear and nothing happens.If then go online with visilogic and connect to the plc and try to malual ether set or reset mb83 and mb85 the variable box change from normal to gray but the issue occures.The variable keypad still does not appear. 

If then you go to plc menu and reset all operant to default then everything works fine. So mb83 and mb85 doesnt change anything.Also as i told before except all the variable box that does not appear everything else work fine.It seems like some internal plc command for variable box does not work.To the last photo you can see that this variable doesnt have disable mode.If there is a problem with mb83 and mb85 why and this variable box doesnt work?

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