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I am working on a control of 6 axis with PTO signal through EX RC15 via Unistream in Open Can.

Process starts to work.


I would like to adjust the units and pulses per units to modify my signal in best suited information such as mm and mm/s and not pulses and pulses /sec


I try to change the Units factors and Pulses factors in the PTO configuration in Visilogic.

Each one should not exceed 1000, but if I set 250 for instance for one, when I run the whole thing, my PTO Set Profil turns to go to status 5 (Invalid Configuraiton channel...
I do not understand and I am not able to find any example changing the unit and pulse with a good and clear explanation about what is what?


Can you help me out please?


Best regards

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If you don't get a response on the forum you can send your request to support@unitronics.com.  The forum is mostly manned by volunteers.

You need to be more clear in your problem considering you are mixing a Visilogic program for the RC15 and  UniStream program to control it.

Where exactly is the status 5 occuring - in the RC15 or the UniStream?

Attaching your programs is also very helpful.

Joe T.

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Hi Sylvain,

If you modify units and pulses per units, you have to make changes for profile settings to be in the same scale.

From now all profile settings and move commands will operate in accordance to your settings, in sm, mm, inch, etc.

If not - you receive error.

Help explain how it works.

Hope you understand this.



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