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Hi, gurus.

Upgrading the existing network of four Vision 260 units, working as 3+1 master-slaves Modbus IP for V700 PLC one by one. After changing one slave unit all network crashed. New PLC works fine by itself, but not in network. How change the part of scrip for Modbus IP wrote for Vision 260 to V700, they have different sockets ###, plus FB for V700 is different  from VIsion 260? Please advise, Rgds Alex.

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The V260 is a Standard controller and the V700 is an Enhanced controller, so there will be some conversion that has to be done on the program operation before you start dealing with the socket differences.  Search in the Help for "convert" and choose "The V120 and V130" topic to get an idea of what you may have to change.  Unless you've already done that part.

The next thing to do is analyze the actual register transfers required by each master.  Are they all the same or is each Master asking for different data?  How fast is the polling?  The slave can only answer one master at a time and in the V260 applications it may have been erroring out.  Do you know if this was working well by looking at the original applications online?

Joe T. 

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There are differences in how Modbus uses registers between   V260 Standard and   the Newer  V130,350, 570 etc   Enhanced   Models.

Under Help,  Index -  MODBUS   Slave Address  Tables

          Standard    ( V260, V230, V120 )        Modbus register addressing is DECIMAL

        ENHANCED ( V130-V1210  -- Colour Touch )    Modbus register addressing is   HEXADECIMAL  

       Review the details in the help file.





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