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Video Streaming


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i'm trying to improve some process at work. i need to confirm the quality of a video shown on a display. today an operator comes to the display and confirm it manually. I want to connect an IP camera to a PLC, the camera will stream video to the PLC  and give the operator the ability to confirm the video from the web (his smartphone fo example)

What I need is:
1. PLC send e-mail to the operator.
2.PLC shown on the HMI display the video from the camera
3. the operator will connect to the PLC with tablet or cell phon.
4. the operator will confirm ( press OK button) if the video on the PLC HMI is o.k

is it possible ? can someone please help with that?


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Regular Smartphone  use MMC and Cellular Provider support to make video calls.

Smartphone  is not intended to stream video like IP camera.

You have to find smartphone application, allowing to stream video like IP camera.

Application settings should stream acceptable by PLC stream  format.

Other problem is that Cellular Network manage all Smartphones' IPs internally and route video stream from smartphone to smartphone.

In case of PLC and Smartphone you have to take care that Smartphone will reach PLC with video stream.

All this require integration tests.



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hi Alex,

maybe i didnt explained myself very good.

i didnt mean to stream video from PLC to cell phone, what i need is 2 things:

first , an IP camera connecting to the PLC and stream video to PLC HMI screen.

second , Remote control the PLC thru web server from PC or Cell Phone and to be able to see the video on the PLC HMI .

Best Regard.

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You can stream video from IP camera to PLC.

You cannot see this video remotely, not by VNC connection, nor by cellular remote operator.

It is not supported.

If you camera can send pictures to PLC FTP server, than you have to test if you can show this picture at PLC display and view it remotely by VNC connection.

Bear in mind that scaling pictures from PLC display to smartphone/tablet will change picture resolution.

As result, picture quality will be changed.

I am not sure that this will satisfy you.

Many IP cameras have 2 streams.

You will connect from smartphone/tablet to 2nd stream to evaluate it.

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