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Thoughts of trying something new......

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Hey All,

I have a possible upgrade project coming up, replacing some old automation direct plc/touchscreen controls.
my first plan was to use a V570 (or V700) and do my I/O expansion rack style so I can have the HMI in the panel door
and put my I/O a couple foot away without re-routing (much) existing wiring.

But, now I'm thinking of going UniLogic/UniStream, a bit overkill for the project, but would be my introduction into
this product line. I've played around with UniLogic a bit but haven't yet built a real project.

I've been going through the hardware aspect on Unitronics Website and think I got it figured out but thought I'd throw
this out to the forum community to double check my thinking.

the existing project consists of;
20 digital inputs  (sinking)
18 relay outputs
10 analog in
2 analog out

So going through the Uni-I/O list I come up with the following modules to cover my needs:
(2) UID-W1616R to cover my digital ins and relay outs
(1) UIA-0800N for 8 of my analog ins
(1) UIA-0402N for 2 more analog in and 2 analog out

then it looks like I need;
(1) UAG-XK125  Uni-Local expansion adapter
(1) USC-P-B10  CPU-for-Panel
(1) USP-070-B08  HMI Panel

Does this look correct, or am I missing something?

Regards, JohnR

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