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SD Card Absense Error


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We have a 128 GB SD card that we are trying to get working with our PLC HMI panel. We want to save csv files of data to the SD card, but the PLC is not recognizing the card. We tried formatting the card using the SD Card Suite but that also didn't fix the problem. Are there any other steps we are missing to get the PLC to recognize the card? Thanks.

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It's not a matter of optimal - it's a matter of the PLC being able to handle such a large capacity card. I haven't checked to see what the limit might be for the UniStream hardware, but I would be certain that it would handle 32GB or lower. Just grab a 32 or 16GB card and see if you can get it to work. They're cheap and it would be an easy test. Is there some reason why you must use a 128GB card?

You can also check with support@unitronics.com to see if they see any problem with a 128GB card.

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Just to update all of you:

There are number of Articles at Unitronics Help Center:

- Open in Internet Browser next page:


Search for SD, and read articles.

To summarize:

- SD Card should be formatted as FAT32 with only one partition

This limits SD card capacity to 32GB. Good to save anything.

Hope this information helps to eliminate errors.



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