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I am trying to create a program that will extend a cylinder for 10 seconds with valve 1, retract after the 10s and have a running  count of the cycle after it is retracted. While doing this, I want valve 2 to ‘dump' the air after valve 1 has been on for 5 seconds so there is no pneumatic force in the extend position after the initial 5 seconds of valve 1 opening. Is this possible? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

I am using VisiLogic to write my program and V130-33-T2 hardware.

Please advise!

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I deleted your other duplicate post - they don't appear until a moderator approves them.

Yes, it is very possible to create a program for your short sequence.  

It sounds like you're new to ladder programming.  Here's a post that may be helpful-


Take a swing at writing the program and upload the .vlp file containing what you've done- we will be very helpful to get it working.

Joe T.


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Joe, thanks for the quick response!

I feel like I am close, but when I press F2, the cycle does not start. I intended to start(F1)/stop(F2) and be able to resume where I was or clear the count and start from the beginning. Also I don’t think my times are set up correctly, but I’m not sure until I actually apply it to the application since it’s hard to tell from just the valve lights.Cycle Help.vlp

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