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U90 Pid & sequence

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Hey there folkz.


I have a test station here that i prep for 2021. Im not to well used for plc progamming so i hope i can get my answers here.

The task is to make A program to be created in sequence with a percentage increase in air pressure in the tank, with fixed consumption.

The working area of the tank is 0-5bar
The sequence is as follows:

Tank pressure increases to 25%
The pressure is kept stable for 1 min
Tank increases to 50% held for 1 min
Tank increases to 75% held for 1 min
Tank drops to 25% and the sequence is reatarted. 

i understand that pid is involved in one ladder by it self, so my question is how do i implement the values into a sequance 



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  • MVP 2023

Take a look at this post-


Download a look at the program I attached called Jazz Stage Example.  This should help you start to form your sequence - you'll be stepping through a timer-based sequence where you move different setpoints to your PID block.

How are you controlling the air pressure?

Start your program and then post it here with questions you have.

Joe T.

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Hi Joe 

Thank you for the reply, the air pressure is pumped up by a frequency driver and a motor pump which the pressure is  adjusted by this Samson 6111 i/p converter. the pressure then goes to the valve which controls the flow of air. I made a drawing in the attachment.  The air pressure in the tank is monitored/read by a normal pressure transmitter where the PLC takes on the PID section. as ive come to understand i may have to use the linerzation block for the analog input and then make use of the timers. 

still working with a solution.







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