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DC-braking not working on a VFD UMI-022BE-B1

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I am using a UMI-022BE-B1 controled through modbus to lift trash bins (on a truck)

My problem is that when I am lifting a load and stop the machine fall back around 15 cm before stoping (see picture)

I used to run the same machine with Omron inverters there I set the Injector DC-Breaking to stop and hold the load while the mecanical break took hold.
But I am gettin the feeling that the Unitronics DC-Braking setting are mostly cosmetic since no matter how I play with them nothing happens.
I tried using P013. Short Circut breaking. Both at 75% and 100% power for 3 second and the only thing that happens is that there is no breaking for 3 seconds.

I have break resistors connected  and have Energy breaking set (P08.37) but I have also tried turning that offf.

Does anyone have any experience in tuning the breaking on these inverters? Is there something that I might be missing that turns of DC-breaking and Short-Circut breaking?



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Please try to see



I'm installed application with high inertia and 3sec stop time (DECC =2.5sec, and DC-Braking 0.5sec) --working fine. 

Must use Braking resistor connected to VFD.

P/S  From manual...

Remove the yellow warning labels of PB, (+) and (-) on the terminals before
connecting the braking resistor; otherwise, poor connection may occur


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