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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum although have browsed for solutions many times. Knew I would have to join as some stage so here I am, stuck with this one and would appreciate some advice...

I'm trying to configure a V700 to send an email via account with mail server smtp.mail.com  I understand this provider doesn't use SSL.  I've used appropriate MB bit to ensure socket has connected and introduced a delay before email send,  and configured email FB as shown.

MI52 email status = 1 when server has connected and email is in progress, however once socket has closed, MI52 = 9 (error occurred sending email data). 

The only data I'm sending is the text shown..... "test"

Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong here?, you ideas would be greatly appreciated!!. Hanging out for the MI52 =2........

Screenshot (5).png

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