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4G Access port with dynamic/private IP


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Hi all,

Does anyone have a tried/proven method that can create a VPN link to a remote station with a private (mobile 4g) IP address?  I am trying to scope a job and investigate if this would be a financially viable solution over SMS notifications.  

So I'm looking for advice on free VPN solutions and what hardware would support that.  Controller is a Samba with ethernet module.

Many thanks,


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For establishing VPN you must have static public IP address on at least one side of the connection. You will need a pair of routers capable to create LAN-to-LAN type VPN. If one side is on private dynamic IP address, you will need to configure your VPN as "aggressive" type, please read the documentation of your routers. The side with private IP address must be always the calling side of the connection.
I can recommend  routers of Taiwanese company DrayTek.

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