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OPC UA Certificate


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Dear Jakke_SL,
The certificate you are creating in UniLogic is the OPC UA server one, meaning it will pass to OPC UA clients upon connection and help them identify the server identity.
The UniApps UI present OPC UA clients certificates that try to connect to your OPC UA server, meaning they will pass to your OPC UA server upon connection.

Try to connect with an OPC UA client to UniStream and you will see the client certificate on the UniApps UI.

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i'm using OPC-UA, but I don't see any certificates....

altough my system is reading the OPC-UA variables without problem....

(unless I disconnect my OPC-UA client -> see my post on Unilogic software)

i'm trying to copy my opc ua clients certificate to the PLC, but I don't know in wich directory I should place the certificate on my usb...

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On your DOK create a folder named "OPCUA".
Inside create two folders: "trusted" and "rejected".
Put certificates you want to be trusted in the trusted folder and certificated you just want on the PLC but not trusted, in the rejected folder.
Then, in UniApps -> Network -> OPC UA -> Auto Import, choose "Import Client Certificates From DOK".
In Certificates tab you will see the imported certificates.


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