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UniStream byte order


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Hi all,

 I use US5-B10-TR22 to read data from Modbus slaves. Technical documentation of slaves gives such information (see attached picture). Could someone tell if in US5 is the same byte order (didn't find that information). As for now everything looks OK, but I'm afraid that there could be a problem when there will be large numbers accumulated. Thank you in advance.

Byte order.png

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What you've shown here is the standard Modbus definition for regular 16 bit integers.  This is old school Modbus for Unitronics and the US5 will be fine.  What it doesn't say is whether the return data is signed or unsigned.  In other words, is the maximum value 32,767 or 65,535. 

Do you have an idea of the magnitude of the data the slaves will return?

Joe T.  

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