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Where are Data Sampler Files uploaded to?


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When I click on "Upload Data Sampler files from SD" it appears to work, and I get a message which scrolls through a few files before telling me it completed sucessfully.


However, I can't find the files on my computer. Where are they saved?

Kind regards,



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I found mine by searching the hard drive for *.usmp 

I'm not sure where/how the save path was defined (I found my files in a completely different folder than the current project), but the folder was named "Samples"

there must be somewhere that I would have defined the Upload save path?

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After you click the "Upload" button, a communication window appears, where you select the PLC.

The path you select appears at the bottom of that window.

If you've already selected a PLC. then UniLogic will try to communicate with the selected one without opening the window, so you might need to unplug the PLC from the USB / Ethernet cable in order t make the window re-open, or restart UniLogic

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Resurrecting an old thread, but I just found a slightly different solution:

  • Click on a Data Tables Section of the solution explorer
  • Click on the Data Tables tab in the ribbon, then Upload Data Table Files from SD.
  • Choose IP/USB as you usually do an connect to the PLC.
  • The path at the bottom of this window is where the Data Sampler Files are saved to. The system creates a subfolder with the name you specified when defining the Data Sampler.

I hope that helps someone!

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