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  How are you going to communicate with the VFD?   ( Modbus  RTU (Serial) or    Modbus TCP (Ethernet)  ) ????

 Do you have a communications card in the  V430?    Which one ?

      The USB Programming Port in the V430 is for Programming ONLY, not for communicating to other devices.


  In VisiLogic under Help, there are Example programs

    Look for the Communications and Modbus.

         Open and understand them and read the Modbus Help  in the Help data.

        Learn how MODBUS works.

In the Manual for the VFD

      Review how to communicate with the VFD over Modbus

       Locate and understand the registers you need to work with.


Get the communications setup working.

Write a simple program to communicate with the VFD.


Post your issues  and  program.   People can guide you.






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1 hour ago, BARDH ZEKA said:



1. Start by looking at the Modbus programs in the Examples.  Then read about the Modbus protocol - http://modbus.org/docs/PI_MBUS_300.pdf - so you know what it is you are trying to accomplish.

2. Post a link to the modbus information for the VFD you're trying to talk to.

3. Determine what the physical connection to the drive is - RS485, RS232, or Ethernet.  Then figure out how to wire it.

4. Try writing a program yourself based on all the above.

5.  Post your code and ask specific questions.


Do NOT ask for an example specific to your application.  We're here to help, but it's up to you to figure it out.

Joe T.



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