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Protocol send variables

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I have sucessufully connected thermal printer (via RS232) to Samba SM35 and everything works perfect, BUT...

I didn' find way how to print List Of Text. For example, like in attached picture, I have some MI lists, defined under "Link" and their length is 20.

But when I try to print that, I'm getting nothing but blank paper.

Numeric and binary text works fine, so I suppose that I'm missing something with List of Text.

Any tips, hints will be great.




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Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately, I still didn't managed to send list of MI. I have attached printscreen.

Length of MI is 20.

When I send protocol to printer, I'm not getting anything.

As I said in first post, printer works fine, and I can print everything else except list of MI...

Thank you,




EDIT: While waiting to this post be approved, I have managed to solve the problem using Stream insted of List Of text.

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