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Unistream notifier don't let me remove the USB stick...


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Dear All,

I saw that if I open a project uploaded in a USB stick when I close this and ask to "safetly remove" the USB stick I have an error message that the USB stick still be used...if I close the unistream notifier, by the task manager (windows 10) I can do this without problem...then the unistream notifier take busy the USB stick.

This is not a real problem but is a little"annoying".

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Opening projects from USB sticks, external Hard Drive, or from network mapped drive is a big mistake.

This may lead to project corruption.

Copy your project to hard drive.

When finish - you can copy it back.

Following these recommendations will save your time.




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Just to understand, you just open a project from UniLogic using the regular Project->Open, select a file from a usb flash drive and this happens?

I'll check that anyway (I'm not sure if I'll be able to reproduce it).

As far as I remember, the notifier is not involved at opening a project, so it shouldn't cause that kind of a problem.

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hi Saragani,

so...I did some "test"...at the end if I open the unistream program and after recall my project, then close it, the USB seems always "free" and I can safetly remove this. If I open the project by a double click on the .ulrp file, then close the program, the USB still be busy but not all the times...let me say 7 out of 10. This happens in 2 different PC (one with W10 PRO and a second with W10 HOME).

PS: in these 7/10 cases the only way to let the USB stick free is close by task manager the unistream notifier.

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