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Potentiometer based joystick


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Hi, if joystick used for control motion application - you need:

1) setup DC/DC  24VDC to 10VDC or use linear L7810 (or other IC) based 10V refrence.

2) use GND to Rdown+Rpot+Rup  to10V ref  serial connection.   Rdown and Rup  0.25w resistors. For example 0.5k + 5k axis + 0.5k  = 6k resistanse for each axis.

3) connect all axis joystick output  to 3 analog input of PLC.

4) program code for test ADC readout  for DOWN, ZERO, UP position of all axis. DOWN is abow 0V and  UP is below 10V for safety.

5) set for all axis error condition if ADC is  not in DOWN to UP readout range. This is used to stop motion if joystick or wire is broken.

6) program code for ZERO set for all axis (+- tolerance) and program joystick test when PLC is power up. In robots if one of joystick axis is not in ZERO  after start - all motion is desabled.

7) use linearisation for calculate axis  speed refrence for ZERO to DOWN and  ZERO to UP and generate axis direction signal.


You can do simple (not safe) connection without DOWN UP resistors.

But if someting  wrong with joystick or wire  you axis can move uncontroled at maximum speed and direction is hard to predict.


If spare ADC channel present - you can manage 10V reference check for safety - if joystick power lost you can disable application before uncontrolled motion happend.

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