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Can't Create Project Files

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  • MVP 2023

You're running into a problem where you think one thing and Unitronics calls it something else.

The "Create Project" option is actually used to make a downloadable clone file of another PLC, which is why it's trying to reach out to a PLC to read it's memory values.

Confusing - yes.  But that's how it is.

I'm guessing you're at the point where you just want to save your work.  Just use the "Save" option, which will create a .vlp file containing your screens and logic.

Joe T.

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I suppose so. But I don't undestand exactly how to use Unidownloader Designer.

I have  to make .udc file as result of Unidownloader Designer work.

As I undestand, first of all, I should create .dvi (.vdf) file in VisiLogic.

If I take example project for V280 (V280_Drum_Example), I get the above mentioned error. If I take example project for V130 (V130_Simple_Drum), all works fine .


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  • MVP 2023

Thank you for clarifying - I didn't realize you were working with UniDownloader.

I was able to replicate your problem - there may be a bug with that PLC collection in UniDownload Designer as I was able to complete the .DVI specification on a V120.

Contact official Unitronics Support at support@unitronics.com and describe this problem.  The forum is mostly maintained by volunteer users such as myself.

Joe T.

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Thanks, Joe.

I've sent e-mail to Support team. And here is their answer regarding V280:


1. For the standard Vision (V120/V230/V280/V290) you must have the controller connected to your PC in order to prepare the DVI file. (This is why you get the communication error since VisiLogic is trying to communicate with the controller)

2. OS and fonts will be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Data\Os\Vision\V230


1/ Offline creating .vdf enable only in enchanced PLC

2/ OS V230 compatible wth V280; V260; V290; V530.

Thanks for help/

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