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I want to add some visualisation to my project, so i have some questions: is that possible to make Variable: Bargraph to change its fill colour when it reaches some value?

Or, is that possible with Variable: Meter make ranges (From-To) not as constant values, but as variables? 

The problem is: i want to show productivity as a Meter and Temperature as a Bargraph, but my productivity is not a constant value, every time i set some productivity as a parameter i want to cut some from my possible maximum and from my possible minimum.

Same with temperature, i have temperature as a parameter and i have some working range, so i want just to show, for example, my current temperature and working range +- 5 degrees and if my temperature out of range or close to be out of range - show it with different colour.

Or do i need to use some extra pictures like lights to properly show it?

Thanks and sorry for bad English

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