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high speed counter issues

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I have a samba sm43-j-r20 plc using hsc0 connected to the pulse output of a micro motion IFT9703 transmitter.  I am supplying 24vdc to the transmitter output as it is passive, same source powering plc, and have been able to simulate and see counts on plc.  my problem is that I am seeing extra unwanted pulses when I press buttons I have tied to the inputs and also when ever I engage the output that enables a relay controlling a conveyor motor or any output by that matter.  how can i prevent this from occurring so i can see the true pulse output from my transmitter?

Thank You


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When use mechanical switch, then it's contact(s) "bounce" when fast change it's position.

Normal Digital Input has internal filter, which "neutralize" contact(s) bouncing.HSI has no such filters.

You can use button on PLC display to start timer and generate fixed length output pulse.

Use this pulse as input for high speed counter.

Then everything should work as supposed.



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