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recently I buy modem CINTERION EHS6T USB. Firmware is 04.013. I have tried to configure modem via VisiLogic and normally it does not happened because firmware has to be 03.001.

Unfortunately there is no way to know which firmware will be when you purchase. And usually there are updates for this kind of hardware. Do you have some updates in AT lines for this model? 

Shall GSM-KIT-16J KIT ,BGS2T be work with USP-104-B10?


Thank you in advance.

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You have to buy modems from Unitronics to use with Unitronics PLCs.

This will warrant that modem will be compatible with PLCs. Or Unitronics will clearly state what is not supported.

CINTERION EHS6T USB, Firmware is 04.013 is a re-designed modem with some major changes in hardware and software.

It is not sold by Unitronics and will not work with Unitronics PLCs.

It is recommended to return this modem to dealer.

Please review newluy introduced by Unitronicvs Router.

This Router is a 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE modem-router and supporting many functions.



Scroll to "Accessories", then expand "Routers".

There are 2 models with variations for different countries.

Hope this information helps.




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When you scroll down to next strings:


You can see that default baudrate is set to 115200.


If you wish to use 9600 in Ladder, you have to change default baudrate to 9600 and then run Init Modem.

As well, set communoication baudrate to 9600 as well.

After Prepare modem will remember baudrate 9600.



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