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Changeover from Vision to Unistream


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Hi all,

I am quite familiar with Vision line, but now I am going to use Unistream, more specific US5/7-B-B1. Now, my customers have got used to some of these functions:

1. Beep on touch, everytime they touch the panel, the buzzer makes a sound, SB 311 is set

2. ScreenSaver - after several minutes of inactivity, the screen brightness is set below 30, so it switched of completely (SI 9)

Is there a possibility to do the same using Unistream? I know I can set the brightness via action, but even set to 0, the displays lights a bit. 





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  • MVP 2023

Both the internal buzzer and the screen brightness are Actions. The screen brightness variation available is what it is - you can't turn it off if zero is not off. Maybe it varies a bit from unit to unit. I know the Vision is similar in that at the bottom of the range it can vary a bit.

You can associate a screen touch with the buzzer in Actions (as you can in Vision), but you also have to turn it off, IIRC. Just use the touch bit (positive transition) to SET a bit for the buzzer and set a different bit when the touch is off (negative transition) to stop the buzzer (or use a TE timer).

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