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Run Time Error -2147221164 (80040454)


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Hey All,

Well, here I go again with a mystery Run Time Error in DataXport...

I spent the past year with a seemingly futile effort to resolve my previous mystery; Run Time Error 3709, and  with unsuccessful help from here on the forum. and with a couple different guys from the Unitronics Help team, I had resigned myself to restarting DataXport a couple times a day to clear the error.  That mystery magically resolved itself around the first of November.

NOW... I find myself with a new Run Time Error popping up every few days...


And when I click the OK button, DataXport shuts down.

The only fix I have found thus-far is to delete my .ulp from the DataXport folder, then copy/paste by backup copy in, then DataXport will start.

Anyone have any ideas on this one??


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  • MVP 2023

DataXport creates a Access-based database but you can't open it with Access proper.

This explanation is the best thing I found that seems to pull things together-


From here you would typically need to contact Official Support, but as John is my customer I will handle that for him.


Joe T.

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