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Port 1 RS232 to zebra LP2844 printer.

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I have the ZebraPrinter.vlp downloaded to a V570. I've made my cable as

rj11                              Db9

Brow 1.          6

Yellow 2.        5

 Green3.        2

Red 4.           3

Black 5.       5

Orange 6.    4 

in info mode I have com1

protocol = protocol

rs type    =RS232

params  =9600,8,n,1

silence  = 3648us

Tx        =252

Rx       =463

every time I hit touch to print Tc and Rx number go up, but nothing is printing. This is the first time I've tried to print. Btw the printer works fine with usb and print test page from windows 10. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!


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Please print and post to topic foto of  test page on this printer but not windows test page - you must print via printer button combination.

On this test page you can see communication settings and default communication cnannel. 

You can also test printer RS232 COM port via vindows (you must use USB to RS232 cnverter with driver for test).

I found several zebra termal printer with RS232 but some of them has defect com port (printer do not print via Com port in windows).

This maybe useful


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