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I am using a Samba43 and am trying to use the square LED indicators instead of the round ones to sharpen up the low resolution images.

When I use the round indicator located at : Unipics, Large, Lights & Lamps as a binary image, it works just as expected. On state and off state operate fine.

When I use the square indicator located at: EMF, Leds, Uni_leds_rec as the binary image, it starts in the off state as expected and changes to the on state with an input, but remains in the on state after the input goes low.

If I  leave  this screen and come back to it, the proper off state is shown again, however the latching will occur again if I turn on the input.

Any help would be appreciated, the square indicators really look much cleaner than the pixelated round ones.

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Not sure if this is your problem specifically, but I've had a similar problem with the HMI not handling the transparent background selection in the way you might imagine it should. If you have Transparent Background selected, try unchecking it.

If that's not it, you might try loading the images in Microsoft Paint and saving them as .bmp images, then using those as your Binary Image / Switch. I generally do that most of the time anyway because I like to alter the images slightly to my taste.

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Glad that helped. That's one of the reasons I convert the images to .bmp and edit so that the transparent property isn't necessary. Just fill in the background color in the areas you want. The images are small, with few pixels, so it's not difficult to go pixel-by-pixel, if necessary.

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