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"Send To Back" doesn't work. Oh, maybe it does sometimes. Or maybe something else is broke.

Put a horz. line on the screen. Now put some text over it. Send the line to back. Download.

Nope, a line goes right through the text (or other objects). Try again, download, nope. repeat at least 3 more times trying everthng else that can be thought of.

Great. Another 2+ hours down the drain as I draw small little lines to go between text and bar graphs vs one long line that should be behind the text and show only where there isn't anything else.

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Unfortunately This is the normal behavior of the Line, it’s always draws on top.

That would be abnormal. behavior when compared to any and all expectations and other HMI's.

Unitronics - P L E A S E F I X ! it's easy. Yes it is, As a designer and programmer of many graphic programs that have this feature, I can attest to it.

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I know thisa is not really an answer to your question, but from what I can tell of the Visilogic program send to back is not what you or I would consider a send to back function found in a drawing program. It does not permenantly move the object to the back as we might want. What I have been able to usefully use "send to back" for is to select an object that is inside another object. For example, when I make number entries or views for a V530 I have to draw a series of boxes around my entries to not make them look like they are just acidentally thrown up on the page. After I enclose the number entry box with other art work (lets say rectangles) you are no longer able to select the number box until the artwork around it is sent to back.

I feel your pain, as I too have experienced the situation you are seeing. Just to save you some aggrivation in the future when manipulating artwork on the screens, you have to be ultra careful how you create the art so that you do not have permenant box outlines when joining objects together (such as the burner piping pictorial provided). You will not be able to send particular items to front/back to make the piping look seamless to cover up thse outlines.

Also if you notice the small grey areas on the gas valves (artwork from the unitronics program art files) you have to be careful to pick a background that masks the background to make it blend. While you can make a background invisible you have to make your own artwork to do this more times than not because, like in the two valves shown, when you make the background invisible any part of valve that is too close to thae same color as the background seems to also become invisible (as it does on this valve artwork).



post-305-062291300 1311773939_thumb.jpg

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