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Netword Error Detected


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Hello I use a unilogic 1.30.58 and i have a problem, my plc freeze with the text Network Error Detected i have lot of message and i dont understand what is that in the plant i have 8 Altivar, 3 weidmuller coupler and other equipement in functionned in Modbus and ethernet IP.

All equipement is plug on 3 spider hub .

The plant functionne since one years


Can you help me and explain this problem ?


Thanks for you answer


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  • MVP 2023

Please discribe problem history:

- time since system started?

- is it this issue happend  from plant start?

- time of normal work from plant start or from current job start?

- is it possible to test IP and modbus  networks separately?

- what power supply is used?

- is it possible that this issue happend when one of new machine part installed or some changes to program happend?

- is it PLC battery in good condition?

- is it possible that some external network connected to plant PLC network?


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