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i am trying to read an input via modbus tcp from a vision 700 with a vision 700. I succeed in reading MIs but i cant find the right addresing for Inputs. Its confusing.. Can someone tell me the adress if I want to read input 0.

There is a type: Pointer + Operand Offset + MODBUS Offset witch i can not understand. Can someone pls explain?

Thank you.

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Hi Nicklamp

Please see below link, it gives the ranges for standard and enhanced controllers.

At the bottom of that there are further links to webinars that will help setting up.

if you have succeeded in reading MI's then you have the hardest part done.

To read MI's you probably used the modbus block 3 - "read holding registers", for inputs use block 2- Read Inputs.

Input 0 will be 6000h



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