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0808THS PWM Output


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I am using several 0808THS cards and on one of them I have both blocks 1 & 2 set to PWM. So output O0, O1, O4 and O5 are normal PWM outputs.

O1 & O2 are working great, f = 3 kHz Duty Cycle at 50 the control is very smooth.

On O4 & O5 with the same settings the motors are spasmodic in starting and stopping. (I mean too fast motor operation).

Why on the first set of outputs the Duty Cycle at 50 is so smooth (slow motor speed) and on the second set the same Duty Cycle does not work out the same?

Anyone faced a similar problem?


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I do not know why this happend, but i think - this module used only two hardware high speed channel - pwm, pto output or  counter, encoder input can be selected.

Then only one of function  can be used for one channel. You test it on hardware. Two channel=two PWM.

Your topic about Stepper - Encoder input has the same issue.



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