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Multiple CAN configurations

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Hello all!

Searching the forum for an answer, I was unable to find anything related to the issue I'm experiencing, therefore I've started this new topic.

I'm trying to make SM-70 with a CAN port installed perform two different functions:

1. simulating a sensor

2. reading out a sensor

In situation 1. the SM-70's CAN connection would be connectend to a read-out device which will read out the values the operator will be entering on the SM-70, in situation 2. the actual sensor will be connected to the SM-70's CAN connection and the sensor will be read-out by said SM-70. 

Now, my idea was that I'd just make a selection procedure in which the different CAN configurations could be selected by the operator but Visilogic won't let me load a program with multiple CAN configuration blocks, not even in different subroutines. As a work-around I thought it would be a good idea to have two different programs installed to the SM-70 and have the operator select which program should be booted.

Does any one have an idea as to how this could be realised? maybe a totally differnt way to have both functions in one device?

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I do not test SB300 bit.

But if some MB contact use for activate one of two different CAN configuration and make toggle button for change this MB.

And use SB300 activation button for reset plc.

You can also use power on sw for restart plc after configuration select bit is changed.

You can test it... 

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