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V700 with V200-18-E3XB


Like my title says my PWM output is not working. Which is weird because it was working before. I have a PID controlling a PMW output and it has stop switching. When I use the operand view I do see that the out is set to 1000 but my solid state relay is not switching. I was able to switch the solid state relay by using a memory bit and setting it high.  Thanks for any suggestions!


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I think it look's good.

Do you test it?


Sorry, my answer is a little incorrect.

I found in your program that you operate with PWM output frequency MI1.

Duty cycle in your code = 0. Then output is not active.

Please SET some constant freqency to MI1.  And run PID with MI2 output (Duty cycle).

Then maybe system start working.

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