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V130-TR34 with PTO Config stopping

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Hello, I am having a problem with a program for 2 channel stepper PTO control:

Every now and then when the PLC is reset, the PTO Configuration block doesn't configure the Channel 1 outputs and the motor wont move. PTO config block says status = 0 and success = 1 but move, set home and other functions give back error status = 5 (configuration block doesnt exist) I think. The channel 0 is okay and the other stepper does according to the program.

Problem is, I cannot just reset the program, I have to download a "blank" new program, then back to the old one and then it works fine for some time.

I have an EX-RC15 with CAN communication which is maybe why this happens? The PTO configuration block is set at SB2 - power up bit so maybe I should put up a delay of some sorts?

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