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Examples in visilogic not working for Samba3.5

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Hi Hasan;

The Example program were created before the SAMBA was developed and the models used have more memory available.

In these cases you can  re-assign the memory locations from the higher ranges to the ranges for the Samba within VisiLogic .

Under Edit  there are a few real handy functions :

         Find Operand    -- see where an operand is used and how many times

        Replace Operand   --   to move an operand from 1 MB/MI   to another

Open the example, review the  MB's, MI's  and move them to the SAMBA range, Save the program under an new name

     Then Under  View, Hardware config   change the hardware to the SMABA Model

   OR   Place the revised ladder into a subroutine and export the subroutine  and import the subroutine into the SAMBA Program

              and deal with the warnings.   

          Also remember to check the Analog setups and redo manually in the SAMBA


HMI's are more difficult to work with , they cannot be exported and imported into a SAMBA, so best to re-create them in the SMABA HMI.

The SAMBA has a Limited Memory range for both Ladder and HMI.



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Good advice from @DanT. I would add that you don't necessarily need to download the example project into your Samba to learn from it. Open one of the example projects that you are trying to learn from, study that example (they usually have pretty good rung comments), then re-create your own program from scratch for downloading into your Samba. You will likely learn more by creating your own program than simply loading an example and playing with it.

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