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Micro-SD card extenders

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Anyone have any experiences, good or bad, with using micro-SD card extenders with either a V1210 or a V700?

I am currently experimenting with one, and as I expected, the PLC doesn't know if a card is inserted (always thinks one is present due to mechanical microswitch). But I'm finding that proper communication with the SD card is hit or miss. The PLC thinks the card is there but writes will often fail. It may be the cheap brand extender I'm playing with or something else - I don't know.

Also, I haven't been able to find one that has a panel mount. Anyone ever seen one?

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13 minutes ago, Flex727 said:

Visco, have you had any issues with reliability or issues with the fact that the PLC cannot see removal of the card?

I have had zero issues with doing this. I will also add that one of these is in the same small enclosure that I have SSR's and high voltage going to heaters for a test apparatus and have still not had any issues.  Reading the TB that AlexUT posted, I don't see why you could not loop the wires through a ferrite bead or donut/choke to reduce any minor EMI. It would look like crap but you could also separate all the strands then twist them back together with a choke. I have those extenders in 3 pieces of test equipment that we built. We are using them to write a continuous log during tests. Mind you, I am a chemist, not an electrical engineer, all those ideas to reduce EMI work awesome in my mind, but in reality may differ.

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Thank you visco. My projects rarely involve areas with high EMI so I think it will be fine.

14 minutes ago, viscoelastic said:

We are using them to write a continuous log during tests.

Do you have any special code to deal with the possibility that the card might be removed?

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