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Can I eject USB from UniStream PLC with a ladder command?


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   I am writing a file handler that should prevent the need for my users from needing to use unitronics File Manager hmi widget, the only problem is I don't see a way to eject the USB stick from the PLC from the ladder logic program.  Is this even possible on v1.31.125 or would this be possible in the latest release?

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Hi curtharrington1.

Although its not directly from the ladder, from the project solution explorer, you can create an Action (Safe Remove DOK) that executes the safe removal of the USB device(DOK, stands for "Disk On Key", from what I'm told). I haven't used the Action, so I can't help with exactly how the PLC handles it.

The trigger for the Action must be linked to a SET coil in your ladder....it will be automatically reset after execution of the Action. (not sure if the coil resets if the device isn't physically removed)


hope this helps


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