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Connecting Zebra GK420t printer to USC-B10-TA30 via Ethernet/IP


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Dear colleagues, 

I have the following hardware:
USC-B10-TA30 (working as Web server as well) 
USL070-B05 connected as VNC client to the B10

I want to connect a Zebra printer model GK420t over Ethernet/ip on the same LAN network I have in my home. 

I set everything up in the scanner node, but when I go ONLINE after download, I see the 'initialization status' in the scanner node struct stuck on '1' always. 
In the 'connection status' I only see the value '0000', no matter what I do... 

I am attaching pictures as well. 
On this link, there are data for Zebra's O2T and T2O assembly and the RPI 

Any help is much appreciated.



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Please print printer configuration. You can read in manual how to press button on power on.

Please post foto of this configuration. As i see maybe something wrong in printer input source. I sometimes have problem with not operational port on  Zebra (USB, COM or Ethernet). It is appear after automatic flash optimisation that printer do sometimes (if user sw off printer when it is performed - printer firmware corrupted).    Manual switch print source help to solve problem (if it wrong on paper).


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